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  • Ascendants of foreign nationals, attending pre-school, primary, secondary or vocational education, having parental care over them
  • Children of resident permit holders, who have reached the age of majority and remained on a regular basis in national territory from the age of 10
  • Diplomatic or consular agents, spouses and relatives in the direct ascending or descending line under their care
  • For foreigners whom, having had a residence permit for studies on grounds of article 91 and 92, and having concluded their studies, intend to conduct a professional activity in national territory
  • For those who have been granted a residence permit (ar) for higher education under article 91, or a residence permit for research in accordance with art. 91º-b and completed the studies or research respectively, and wish to benefit from the maximum period of one year to look for work or to set up a company compatible with their qualifications
  • Foreign citizens who lost their long term resident status, but were not removed from national territory
  • Foreigners who, having benefited from a visa for temporary stay for research or highly qualified activity, wish to have a research, teaching or highly qualified activity in national territory
  • Foreign citizens whose cancelation of eu blue card did not result in their removal from national territory
  • Individuals of age who were born in national territory and never left this territory, or who remained here from an age before they were 10
  • Individuals who are able to prove they conduct an investment activity
  • Individuals who have completed military service in the portuguese armed forces
  • Individuals who have not been absent from national territory, but whose right of residence expired
  • Individuals who have obtained residence permit on the grounds of being a victim of human trafficking or facilitation of illegal immigration
  • Individuals who lost the portuguese citizenship but remained in national territory during the last 15 years
  • Individuals who no longer benefit from the asylum status in portugal
  • Individuals who suffer from health condition requiring prolonged medical care
  • Individuals with minor children who reside in portugal or are portuguese citizens over whom they have parental care
  • Minors, born in national territory to foreign parents who are holders of residence permit
  • Minors compulsorily placed under guardianship
  • Minors who were born and have remained in national territory, and who attend pre-school or school at basic, secondary or professional level
  • Victims of penal or administrative offense connected to their employment relationship implying lack of social protection, salary exploitation or excessively long working hours